Bangle Lynsey

585 White Gold





Introducing a stunning piece of jewellery that is crafted to perfection – the GLAMIRA Bangle Lynsey bracelet designed for women who appreciate elegance and sophistication.

The bracelet is a true masterpiece, featuring a magnificent Amethyst centre stone, accompanied by 2 smaller stones, all set in a beautifully crafted bracelet. The AAA clarity and Violet colour of the centre stone exude a sense of timeless charm that will leave onlookers mesmerised.

The bracelet is made of high-quality 585 Gold – 14K metal, which adds to its beauty and longevity. The White hue of the bracelet perfectly complements the brilliance of the centre stone.

The bracelet is a perfect accessory for any occasion and will add a touch of class to any outfit. The Very Good cut of the centre stone adds to its sparkle, making it a true marvel to behold.

With a total of 0.06 carats of pure elegance, this bracelet is truly a work of art that will make any woman feel like royalty. Don’t miss out on the chance to own this exquisite piece of jewellery that will undoubtedly impress anyone who lays eyes on it.


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