Bracelet Belissa

585 Yellow Gold





Indulge in sheer opulence with this exquisite bracelet, exclusively tailored for women. GLAMIRA Bracelet Belissa is the epitome of sophistication, elevating your style quotient to definitive heights. An awe-inspiring work of art, this Yellow bracelet is crafted to perfection, exuding a flawless finish that speaks volumes about its superior quality.

The 585 Gold – 14K metal base of this bracelet exudes an unparalleled shine and lustre that is sure to catch the eye of onlookers. The magnificent centre stone Amethyst is an absolute spectacle to behold, boasting of a clarity level of AAA. The alluring hue of Violet beautifully complements the metal base, creating a mesmerising contrast that is both elegant and charming.

The Very Good cut of the centre stone is a testament to its superior craftsmanship, showcasing an impeccable blend of precision and artistry. With a total carat weight of 0.198 and 33 centre stones, this bracelet is a true embodiment of sheer extravagance and sophistication.

Dazzle and shine with this exquisite bracelet, perfect for special occasions or gifting to a loved one. Impeccable in its design and unparalleled in its quality, GLAMIRA Bracelet Belissa is a must-have in your jewellery collection. Grab it now and bask in the regal aura of luxury and glamour!


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