Bracelet Brunir

585 Yellow Gold





Indulge in the sophistication of our exquisite women’s bracelet – GLAMIRA Bracelet Brunir. Radiating a timeless charm, this bracelet exudes pure elegance for the refined lady. Fashioned from premium materials, this Yellow boasts a luxuriously lustrous 585 Gold – 14K design.

At the heart of this enchanting bracelet is a captivating Amethyst with an impeccable clarity of AAA and a mesmerising hue of Violet. Expertly crafted with a precision cut of Very Good, this centre stone truly takes the limelight, shining effortlessly with 0.12 total carats.

The intricate detailing on this bracelet will instantly capture your attention, with each 30 lending an added brilliance. Perfectly harmonising style and substance, this bracelet is a masterpiece that cannot go unnoticed. Our GLAMIRA Bracelet Brunir bracelet is sure to be a treasured investment for any discerning jewellery lover. Discover the allure of true luxury with this breathtaking bracelet.


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