Bracelet Burnidine

585 Rose & White Gold





Introducing our latest addition to the women’s jewellery collection, the GLAMIRA Bracelet Burnidine bracelet. This stunning piece showcases a chic and sophisticated design that is set to enhance any outfit. Crafted with the finest 585 Gold – 14K metal and featuring a mesmerising Amethyst centre stone, this bracelet exudes luxuriousness.

The Amethyst centre stone is a true spectacle, boasting a AAA clarity and a striking Violet colour. The exquisite cut of the stone reveals its Very Good facets, which are accentuated by its impressive 0.64 total carats. The bracelet also features 128 Amethyst centre stones, which add to its captivating allure.

Accentuated by a Swarovski Crystal accent stone, this bracelet creates a unique contrast that emphasises its beauty. The Swarovski Crystal stone has an AAAAA clarity and a White colour, which are further enhanced by its Very Good cut and 0.64 total carats. The bracelet also boasts 128 accent stones, which add to its overall elegance.

The Red White colour of the bracelet provides a versatile touch that complements any skin tone or outfit. It is the perfect accessory for formal occasions, and its sophisticated design adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. Our GLAMIRA Bracelet Burnidine bracelet is the perfect gift for that special someone or even as a treat for yourself.


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