Bracelet Curiste

(585 Yellow Gold)





Introducing a stunning bracelet specifically designed for the refined taste of women, the GLAMIRA Bracelet Curiste. This exquisite piece of jewellery features a Yellow main colour, beautifully complemented by a 585 Gold – 14K metal. The bracelet is adorned with a striking centre stone, Amethyst, displaying incredible clarity, AAA, and radiating with a stunning Violet colour. The centre stone has been skillfully cut and faceted to enhance its natural brilliance, Very Good, resulting in a spectacular 0.25 total carats. This gorgeous bracelet also features 1 additional centre stones, all exhibiting the same exceptional quality as the main centrepiece.

To further enhance its elegance, the GLAMIRA Bracelet Curiste bracelet is embellished with a Swarovski Crystal accent stone, showcasing exceptional clarity, AAAAA, and a mesmerising White hue. The accent stone has been expertly cut in a way that highlights its natural beauty, Very Good, resulting in an impressive 0.108 total carats. The bracelet features 18 additional accent stones, all of the same exceptional standard.

This is an accessory that exudes luxury and sophistication, sure to be the focal point of any outfit. The GLAMIRA Bracelet Curiste bracelet is the perfect addition to any jewellery collection and is bound to impress the most discerning of women.


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