Bracelet Rogue

(585 White Gold)





Indulge in the luxury of our elegant women’s bracelet, GLAMIRA Bracelet Rogue . Crafted with unparalleled precision, this exquisite piece boasts a refined beauty that will leave you mesmerised. The White hues coupled with the expertly-crafted metalwork 585 Gold – 14K exude an opulence that is truly breathtaking.

At the heart of this bracelet lies a remarkable centre stone Amethyst, expertly cut to reflect immaculate clarity AAA and radiate an enchanting colour Violet. The centre stone’s perfect cut Very Good and total carat weight 0.218 have been selected with utmost care to ensure an unparalleled beauty.

With 40 discreetly positioned around the centre stone, the piece is perfectly balanced, achieving a harmonious symmetry. The accent stones Swarovski Crystal are equally captivating, boasting unparalleled clarity AAAAA and colour White that shimmer and glisten in the light. Exquisitely cut Very Good and expertly selected for their total carat weight 0.386 and number66, the accent stones complement the bracelet’s centre stone harmoniously.

This extraordinary bracelet is crafted to perfection, making it an unmatched masterpiece of exquisite grandeur. It is the ideal accessory for women who wish to celebrate their unique sense of style with an accessory that truly complements their sophistication.


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